Crash replacement policy

At ere research we understand that in racing anything can happen. To get you back on your favorite wheels as quick as possible we offer a no questions asked Crash Replacement Policy.  In case of bad luck Ere supports you by offering replacement rims for a special discounted price. - 50% off retail price.  ere offers a crash replacement in addition to the extended lifetime warranty. You can request a crash replacement in case of a broken wheel, which can’t be used in a safe manner due to an accident or crash.

Rules of the Game
  • You have registered your purchase before on the ere research website to activate the lifetime warranty for your wheels.
  • The wheel has to be sent to your dealer or to ere. We will tell you how to do this in the application process.
  • The damaged rim will be replaced with a new rim of the same model. ere research reserve the rights to replace the damaged rim with an equal alternative.
  • The damage has affected the functionality of the wheel. (optical damage is excluded).
  • Please make sure to return it without the tire, without the sprocket and make sure to dismount your disc brake.
  • Your returned rim remains property of ere research.
  • Costs for conversion, freight and duty are carried by you.